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Think of a number between one and ten

Okay so this trick might be a little bit gimmicky but it will help you understand some of the principles used in mentalism and mind reading tricks. In this trick were going to get the participants think of a number between one and 10 and then tell them what the number what’s. If it was left to pure chance then the odds of getting it right be one in 10. But given the human nature has predispositions towards certain numbers it’s not at all under much number they will pick. If you went out last 100 people to pick a number between one and 10 the majority of them will say seven. It’s socially a lucky number. Most people have some kind of affinity towards the number seven. With most mentalists tricks for you don’t want to the things up to chance that you want to do everything we can to reduce the odds of getting it wrong and use as many tricks you can to make it seem like you are not forcing them to pick a number and the your reading their mind. You can use the power of suggestion and saw the suggesting to them when you say things you can read this article about using the power of suggestion to make a participant think about two shapes from within the other. But not when a focus on the power of suggestion and will offer another way of doing this which is to reduce the odds against you.

think of any number

So in this example of going soft persistent think of a number between one and 10. Before you off at with voice changer ever so slightly. The grants asked them to think of an odd number between one and 10. This is automatically increased your chances dramatically if it was down Sir Ron them mutt a lawn you double one in five chance. It doesn’t seem like you’re narrowing the choice is too much to arouse suspicion.

The next thing you should do is to say that you want to clarify the trick and say an odd number like free and five not to win four. In most cases people will then be hesitant to choose those numbers if you’ve just said they are number the likely change. There will send to avoid the number three and five so now you’re left with the numbers one, seven, and nine.

At this point you can make an assumption just like at the beginning you can assume that it’s more likely that chosen the number seven. For the following sentence of cover and what numbers they can pick say that you can pick a number like the number seven. Present it in such a way that not only is it statement the stipulation of the task also suggesting that you might be choosing that number. Don’t fully commit to it and say you’ve picked the number seven or or exaggerate your hand motions to make it suggest that you hundred percent sure that the pattern on the seventh. Just throw out there like the number seven really casually engage their response. If they smile are looking you with a little bit of amazement you can pretty sure that it was a number seven and then you can reconfirm by saying it’s the number seven. If you look at them and you Gauge any reaction from them then it’s probably not the number seven in which case are left with the numbers one and nine. In this situation is probably going to be the number nine as you far is said at the very start think of a number between one and 10 and people like to avoid numbers that you’ve already mentioned so I would go farther number nine. If they say no then you’re likely that it’s going to be the number one and therefore you can say got it wrong by but it’s the number one and you more than likely to get right. Without the power suggestion this trick illustrates how the elimination of their choices can work in your favour. If you combine this with the power suggestion and subtly suggest the number 7 to them either through gestures or from subtly mention the number seven are a word that sounds like the number seven you can increase your chances further.

As said this is a little bit gimmicky trick and good beginners if you would through find out other mentalism mind reading tricks be sure to check out our mind reading tricks tutorials page


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