Master Mentalism Review is this the best guide?

Okay so I know why you are here. You are just like me, amazed by Mentalism, I’m drawn towards it, it fascinates me. It’s by far the most impressive form of magic to bear witness to and you want to learn it, perform it, even master it. Learning Mentalism isn’t easy not primarily because it’s hard but because it’s a closely guarded secret. Well right now it’s about to have its lid blown off. This master mentalism review will tell you everything you need to know about the master mentalism course and why it could possibly be the best thing to happen to you.

master mentalism

I’m very sceptical when it comes to reading guides, reviews or buying stuff off the internet so I was very apprehensive when I was told about master mentalism. I expected old rehashed magic tricks that you see over and over again rebranded that you can find on the internet for cheap or free if you dig hard enough. I don’t think I have been wrong about anything more in my life. What Master Mentalism is couldn’t be further from than what I had expected and thoroughly blew me away.

Just ask yourself where do the world famous professionals learn from? Who plans and executes large Hollywood style shows of mentalism?, it’s not just from trial and error someone has to set them on the path with solid foundation and the information provided in the master mentalism effect is from one of those experts who teaches other professionals.

To me again this sounds a little too good to be true and if it’s true there must be a back story who is he and why would he be selling all his secrets for so cheap. Putting it in perspective a complete video course in mentalism can cost $900 or one single trick such as Millards Longman’s “Acidus Novus” can cost $125. So who is he and why?

Well with little research you will find that the guide is written by Ryan Clark (Real name Ryan Evans) but he isn’t a mentalist, he’s an author with a keen interest in magic and was pursuing his ambition of writing a comprehensive reasonably priced meanlism guide that is affordable to anyone wanting to learn. He had a lot of help writing this guide. He got in touch with someone who has been teaching proffesionals and the man who people turn to when wanting new inspiration for mentalism shows. His identity is never revealed in the guide for obvious reasons he doesn’t want to completely ostracise himself. He is simply referred to as “MR X” which I think is a little bit lame but don’t let that fool you this man knows his stuff. He may know more than anyone about mentalism and how to perform it

MR.X use to teach mentalism to the pros on an exclusive one to one basis and charge a huge amount of money to do so. It’s usually $1000 for a 2 hour session with him, non-negotiable. After teaching mentalism exclusively to those who could afford it for over a decade was approach by Ryan and shared the same opinion that the secrets of mentalism shouldn’t be kept for the social elite and those with the preposterous amounts of money it costs for personal coaching. “MR X” has been teaching mentalism for over 20 years refining his teaching methods with every client. Everything that he has learnt and his method of teaching is world class and everything has been compiled into this course. What he has developed in master mentalism is outstanding. To put it mildly lets say a lot of people are pissed that he is revealing secrets at such an affordable price. One person’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity, put bluntly this is your opportunity.

This guide will separate you from the pack of aspiring and mid-level magicians quickly and to such a level that you will blow even professionals away.

What you get with master mentalism

The material that basically puts you inside the magic circle it reveals the concepts and secret skills that make many of the world famous mentalist successful. After you take this course you will be able to see exactly how David Copperfield, Derren Brown and David Blane carry out their mentalist tricks and magic. This is a complete guide that will allow you to perform amazing mind blowing magic starting from tonight. Although I would consider the guide packed full of concise information and very little fluff it’s still over 200 pages long. The guide is delivered instantly online, it’s not a paperback book that you have to wait to get delivered. You can literally learn some amazing tricks tonight.

All the mentalism tricks described in the guide go into tremendous detail and have diagrams to help you understand every facet of the illusion. The way it is all laid out is definitely very logical and helps you pick up and understand the skills logically. Though undoubtable it’s going to take some practice to master them all. Many of the tricks I have tried were tremendously simple to pull off and initially surprise me with the reaction I get from the subjects… People are staggered. But in my mind because I’m performing it and I know how simple it is it frequently throws me off to see people that impressed. It always makes me smile though.

Perhaps my only complaint is the section on street magic particularly card tricks is a little thin, there aren’t as many card tricks in here as I was expecting. Sure it teaches you a lot about mentalism so you don’t necessarily need card tricks but a lot of the illusions and street magic work very well with cards as demonstrated by David Blane. Ryan Clark seems to have taken this feedback from other customers and ran with it as he is now offering 500 card trick guide absolutely free.

With such a high level mentalist divulging all his secrets you may be wondering if this guide is a bit out of your expertise especially if you are just a beginner. You might be interested in buying it for a gift for someone. Maybe you’re a parent and want to buy it for your son or daughter who has started to show an interest in magic and concerned it will be too advanced for them. Let me alleviate those worries right away. This is built for those who are beginners and new to magic as well as those who are seasoned veterans. It covers the whole spectrum of skill levels and can take a beginner from advanced as well as teaching “Vets” brand new fundamentals.

The author is so confident in the guide that he is offering a no questioned asked money back guarantee that lasts 60 days. You have 8 weeks and if for whatever reason you don’t feel like master mentalism lives up to your expectations you can ask for your money back. It doesn’t get any fairer than that.

master mentalism review


You can find many positive testimonials for the master mentalism. “MR. X” (I still think its lame) has helped many aspiring magicians and if you know what level he performs at you know you couldn’t possibly be disappointed even with only a small bit of tutorage from him, let alone a full course. He is the go to guy when huge Hollywood shows need inspiration and new tricks. some of the most inspiring magicians and stage shows in the world count on him. But this isn’t about them it’s about you and what he can do for you. Magic for me is one of those things that when I see it I want to be able to do it especially big tricks that has people questioning everything they know about life. Fortunately master mentalism will help no longer should mentalism secrets be restricted to only those social elites in the circle of Hollywood and London. It’s not just amateur magicians who highly rate the program professional veteran mentalists also think it’s the best guide available to buy. Read some of the reviews yourself.


The author is one of the most sought after mentalists on planet earth and he is willing to share his secrets to everyone not just the elite who can afford his one to one services.

Master Mentalism is an amazing guide that will put you so ahead of the curve even mentalism veterans will wonder how you perform your illusions. It’s a smart move to invest a little bit of money to save on years of your life. With master mentalism you don’t have to suffer and agonise for years building your abilities from scratch. You will be able to astonish people immediately with performances that will have them scratching their heads for the rest of their lives. So many times when I meet a bunch of friends I can see they are thinking of magic I have performed for them a long time ago, they send me messages about those times and frequently ask how I did it and show them again, this is years after I first showed them.

Bottom line this will change your life immediately. Don’t miss it. Don’t miss the special offer either, it’s a limited time offer to get extra material (500 card tricks & a book that has amazing insights into david blane). I hope you found this master mentalism review useful and good luck with your mentalism endeavors.

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