How to be a mentalist – Simple Easy Steps

How to be a mentalist? That’s the big question. It’s no secret that mentalism is by far the most impressive form of magic but that brings with it a double edged sword. The more impressive a magical illusion is the more closely guarded it is. A mentalism is someone who practices the art of mentalism (magic performed by the likes of Derren Brown and David Blaine).

learn how to become a mentalist

A mentalist appears to have supernatural abilities of mind, with one of the most impressive and fundamental part of mentalism being how to read minds or derive the truth from interpreting body language. To become a mentalist you must practice continually in the art of deciphering and observing minute detail with the people you perform with. You can find some of the best books for mentalism that can help you read other peoples body language and understand that you can learn more from a person’s body language than you can from what they are saying. This isn’t a new theory exclusively for mentalists. Many people in many different lines of work need to use the ability to read body language to interpret whether someone is telling the truth One of the best books to read about body language is written by a former FBI agent.

Of course being a mentalism doesn’t just depend on your ability to read a person’s body language although it Is one of the best skills to train. Another very important skill you will want to master is implanting ideas and using the power of suggestion to put the idea in your marks head from here it’s easy to appear to be able to read minds. Derren Brown is the master of doing this as you can see here.

Depending on what level you want to achieve on mentalism will depend on the route you take. If you just want to learn a few tricks then this site may be sufficient. You can certainly learn enough cool easy tricks on our free mind reading tricks videos to get you started. There are many quick and simple tricks you can learn by watching videos on YouTube. But if you really want to become a good mentalist then you will have to put in a little extra work and there are far better places to start then learning random tricks, you need to learn the fundamentals of magic and apply that knowledge to tricks you can perform.

How to become a mentalist

Learning how to become a mentalist is very different now than it was twenty years ago. Twenty years ago you would have to either get books relating to mentalism and hope that they will help you progress and won’t be total junk or know other magicians willing to teach you. Fortunately today you have a great deal of information available at your fingertips via the internet in which you can learn how to become a mentalist.

The best way to learn mentalism is by getting a personal coach you won’t learn faster and more efficiently than that. As you might of guessed though most magician’s don’t want the extra competition and those that will teach charge a lot $500 an hour is frequently quoted. So realistically you have two options you can learn from books, don’t worry you don’t need to shackle yourself to the library you can get very far with a couple of really good books. Or you can buy an online course which I think is a little bit risky as there are a lot of terrible courses out there (and books) but I have found one which is very good and also comes with a great full money back guarantee refund.

There are hundreds of books and courses available that will show you how you can become a mentalist these are some of my favourites.

Master mentalism course

how to become a mentalist mastermentalism courseAs I briefly touched on before it’s really not easy to find a good online course for anything let alone something as closely guarded as mentalism. Most online courses in my experience are nothing short of scams or rehashes of information already plastered all over the internet for free.

I have tried quite a lot of courses and more on a recommendation I tried Master Mentalism. You don’t need to buy anything you just give them your email and they show you a video tutorial for free and then send you another quality tutorial a day or two later.

I got a few more tutorials via email and the quality of them is great the tricks are pretty fresh and explained really well, with a lot of care and attention given to them. Ryan Clark a co-author of the program sent me an email explaining the how to become a mentalism course can help. The free tutorials were so good I signed up almost instantly to look at the paid material.

It doesn’t fail to impress there are hundreds of mentalism tricks you will learn from the 200+ page guide and it’s an absolute steal at the price he’s asking for $49. All the tricks have very clear diagrams and the principles described within the guide are excellent you can tell that a lot of effort has been put into the guide both in content and delivery. Even if you don’t pay for the guide sign up to get the free video tutorials.

I think right now this is the best course available for anyone ranging from complete beginners to very experienced. In fact it’s a fantastic opportunity that has arisen from a unique opportunity. Click here to watch the free video tutorial

13 steps to mentalism by Tony Corinda

learn how to become a mentalist with13 steps to meantlismThis is probably the most popular book when it comes to learning mentalism. If you go to any magic related forums asking what you need to do to become a mentalist then they will push you in this direction. Its split in to 13 sections (the steps) which were originally sold separately as small pamphlets but it has been compiled into one single book. The author Tony Corinda is frequently referred to as the god father of mentalism – the art of mind reading.

People may have a problem with the style as it was first published in 1968 and some of the language may seem a little outdated but you should defiantly stick with it.

If you are wanting to become a mentalist this is a un-miss able piece of literature. Most successful mentalists read it once and keep it with them throughout their careers as their go to reference book.

I would strongly recommend you get both the course and the book and if you are completely new to magic you should consider picking up the Amateur magicians handbook. Follow this link for a complete listing of books about mentalism

How to be a mentalist tips

The best piece of advice I can give is not to quit. If you want to become a mentalist understand that it is going to take some time to get good enough to impress people. Keep try and learning, refine your abilities. You will make mistakes and fail but it’s usually after your biggest failure when you will have your biggest success. Stick at it

That brings me to my next point even if you are not performing keep practicing in your daily life. Everyone you meet and every opportunity you have to read people use it. Get a course or book that explains ques that people give off in conversation and start paying attention to their body language, words they use and tone of voice while talking to you.

Save yourself some time and effort, buy a guide and a book. Don’t waste time trying to learn from free sources. You can definitely learn a few cool tricks on YouTube but there will become a point where it’s not worth your time and effort trying to develop skills from hunting from free material. Learn from someone who has dedicated their life to the art and is willing to teach you for $50 it will literally save you years of practicing. A great place to start is the master mentalism course