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The Mentalism Shape Trick

A lot of mentalism tricks rely on the power of suggestion. This means you can give the appearance of being able to read someone’s mind without having to read body language or try to decipher what the person thinking. Simply make them think what you want them to think and then you’ll know the answer. The key here is to subtly suggest things to them to their subconscious without them knowing. If you do this successfully there was thinking of what you suggested and have no idea that you’ve actually suggested it to them. It will create the illusion that they picked it from free will and many mentalism tricks right lie upon this principle. This is one the funnest aspects of mentalism to me. In fact I think a lot of people are drawn to this idea that you can implant ideas and people and it has been a trademark trick of mentalism for a long time. It was made hugely popular in the mainstream when Derren Brown used it on many of his TV shows you can see below in the video embedded that Derren used the power of suggestion on the Richard and Judy sure to make her think of the letter A.

if you’re keen on learning mentalism and just start learning this can of thoughtful suggestions that implant ideas and people’s sets and there’s a really nice want to use. It’s one way you daft people to think of a shape within a shape. Shapes are great because is only a limited amount of selections of people are going to make but they feel like they have a wide selection of choices. People are generally going and keep with simplest shapes squared circles triangles and not go off a silly shapes such as dodecahedrons. Especially if you problem with the right to start with and make them feel like they have to take snap decisions and impulse decisions. A lot of people try to be awkward and if you are sent to think of a shape they will try and change it so you must tell the first shape and stick with. You can see Derren doing the trick here but I want to analyse this and another video

Derren says in this video this trick is can work on the majority of people. It’s quite obvious and deliberate what he does here. I rose is a little bit over the top in that it’s not very subtle is quite an obvious suggestion but it is still going to work a lot of people. He clearly with his hands makes a shape other circle and the suggestion of the roof of a triangle. This will work with the majority of people and this is the principle of suggesting to influence most decision. This tricks also been done in a lot more sex seeing glamorise way for a TV sure which of the trick I want to talk about a little bit more. I think the delivery is back here and it’s gone a work better as well with a real subject.
The trick and talking about was quite well represented in a TV sure the mentalist. I’m not sure if you’v1e seen the mentalist but the main character is Patrick Jane who is a mentalist of the font a little trick on his colleague. I’ve embedded the video below and you should watch the video first and then I’ll explain how we does it.

First of all the video appears to be loosely based around Derren Brown’s type tricks. This also based around the same kind of camera angles and sold cues that Derren uses in his tricks. Obviously this is a TV show any of the fine your always do it but some of the foundation in here is how you should use it. The first thing you need to do is pick a correct an ideal candidates. Some people a lot more susceptible to this so if you cannot play Norwich the type of person you deal with and how susceptible the art of suggestion is can help a lot.. With some people as soon as you start making full suggestions W a notice what you doing or be unresponsive to it in which case you can’t really win all four you’ll not it is kind of person and just back out of the trick although there are a few things you can trying do that will increase your odds and even people who were awkward if you get them in the correct mind frame susceptible to suggestion.

Setting the scene

This leads to the next point which is picking the right moment. For this scanner trick is imparted not had too many distractions is not the kind are trick you be performing on the club scene are busy high street saw any of environment where there’s a lot of distractions. In the video you can see that it’s just the mentalist and his colleague who is perform the trick own. There are a few other observers but no one else is interfering with the participants trail of art. You need is built engage them and have their full attention. Please have in an environment where they are quite relaxed and feel comfortable and are open to suggestion. It’s no good trying this trick on someone who is an impending deadline are is stressed about other things. There were forced to involved in their own problems to pay that much attention to. Picking the ideal moment and situation is imparted to this kind of trick. Also if you can find someone who is wanting to do the trick. Rather than approaching someone randomly whom isn’t in the mood to entertain that kind of thing you want someone who can see you are is open to the idea of performing the trick.

Analysing the video

Okay so the first thing that the mentalist does is prepare the subject by asking them and they feel in okay relaxed and ready to continue. This puts the subject in a state of anticipating the trick. It opens up their awareness and their willingness to do the trick. This also increases the suggestibility. It was always good to get them to respond to questions such as “are you ready”. Also engage them make sure you have I contact and the full attention. You need positive affirmation than say yes saw a nod just them to come firm that they’re ready to continue this will set them on the right my state.

The next step in the video I think is a little bit risque where he asked them to imagine a screen between the two of them. Although this can be considered a blank canvas to which they are by project there are images which is the theory here I also think there’s an element that they may take it as suggestion to think of a square. So how you deliver this is going to be really important if you make it really obvious so that they are conscious mind picks upon the public are eliminate the square is an object. If you do make it obvious enough the subconscious may pick up on to it and then they choose that. That is the objective of using the power suggestion you don’t want the conscious mind to pick up on what you’re suggesting but you want the subconscious mind to. So I I would say experiment with the whole imagine a screen between me and you whilst trying out a square see what results you get.

Drawing the triangle

okay this step is essential you want to tell them to think of a shape and project it think of a shape but not a square. This really limit your options to what objects they can pick. If put a high-pressure situation where you need to think of a basic object is said before you going to be limited to free objects a circle, square and a triangle. If you tell them to think of an object not a square it puts a little bit more pressure on them because the need to pour a little bit of four in their rather than just acting on impulse thinking of a shape. By saying not the square you make them have to think not a square it have to be another object which is a totally different effect on human behaviour than asking to mourn openly to think of an object. Whilst doing this the mentalist makes gestures with his hands much like Derren does. You can see between his form on his fingers he makes a so all suggestion of the shape of a triangle. This is done very subtly though it’s quite possible in the video. Remember it is the idea of pushing this into the subconscious without getting caught that you need to practice. Once you’ve given them a moment ass them if they have that clearly in the head want to say yes talent the lock in don’t change your mind and move onto the next stage.

Drawing the circle

in the stage is very similar to the triangle you just sell and think of another shape and put it around the original one whilst doing this you make a sort of gesture of a circle with your hands. With any luck you will have them thinking of a triangle within the circle. From here you can use your own creativity to make the performance have you like. Obviously Jake already has the answer in his head but he wants percent the illusion that you psychic in your project in the image to him. Deliver this release feel that. His delivery is pretty decent by saying this is the fun part trying project onto the back of my head. Then pausing and saying that you can feel it. Then tell them the ship you suggested hopefully should an elder and the be amazed and asked you how you did it. I really like the playful nature in which Jake says it was just a calibration and now you can read your inner most deepest thoughts. Always adding a little bit of humour helps with any kind of trick. You don’t need any preparation really just the right circumstances and situations try this trick. I suggest you try are a few friends don’t worry about consequences if you get it wrong just know that free trial and are you going to get better at it.

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