6 mentalism tricks that will leave you thinking

You have got to love mentalism it’s in my opinion by far and away the most mind blowing form of magic. Nothing comes close to the confusing it causes it makes you question reality as you know it. We have compiled a short list of some mentalism tricks that left us breathless. After you watch these i wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to learn how to perform mentalism. If you want to learn how to perform mentalism please look around this website it has all the information available to get you going including some really good books on mentalism.

six amazing mentalism tricks

Anyway back on track here are 6 amazing mentalism tricks.

Derren Brown and the BMX

I really like this Derren brown mentalism trick because it shows you how to perform mentalism. Unfortunately because its Derren Brown he doesn’t give a breakdown of exactly how the trick is performed but It’s pretty transparent to the viewer you can see exactly how Derren is influencing Simons mind by emphasizing and tapping him when he says something relevant to the selection he wants him to make. Obviously the show is edited to show you what he wants to show you and its incredibly easy to spot suggestive language like “bike-creating” whilst tapping simons arm. Derren implants the idea so effectively Simon is totally convinced that BMX was his original choice. This trick reminds me of how well known it is that you can influence someones mind with memory implantation techniques. For the remainder of this list i will use tricks that explain how they work.

JJ People Will Think Your Psychic!

Once again JJ from free magic live shows off a nice trick to make people believe you are psychic. This trick is great watch it first, there isn’t an explaination to how the trick is done in the video so i suggest you watch it first and i will explain how it is done.

JJ starts the trick by getting the mark to shuffle the deck and then randomly pulls a card from the deck which is an “8” and says its an eight he uses this to misdirect the mark and peek the bottom card which you can see him do at 1:04 straight after that the camera gets flashed the card and you can see that it is a six of hearts.

He then spreads out the cards knowing where the six of hearts is and tells the subject that they together are going to test her esp abilities which is a nice twist over conventional mentalism tricks. It’s important that you don’t let the mark look at the card when you do or they will know what is happening. on the four card JJ says he wants to have a go and says he will pick up whatever the last card she actually picked was but he will actually pick up the six of hearts.

He then tells the mark to pick out a card that he names, he says the card he knows the position of (the six of hearts). Then he looks at the card she choose in full view proclaiming he is interested in whether she was right or wrong. He then asks her to make another selection and tells her to pick up the card that matches the one he just looked at. This is repeated 3 times.

On the fourth turn JJ says he wants to try and says he will pick out the identify of the last card of hers he just looked at. What he really takes is the card that he knew was there the whole time. You can see this from teh video as the first card he turns over was the one he last picked up. This is a little risky and he would of been better to pick them all up and lay them out in the order he asked her to pick.

Perhaps the Hardest part of this trick is making the mark remember what the cards you picked for them where as you see in the video the lady was going along with the trick and so involved that she forgot which four they picked.

JJ has a selection of mentalism magic tricks in his youtube chanel and has his own course which you can look at here.

Simple is the best

Okay so if your not new to magic then this probably isn’t going to impress you at all. However if you are new and haven’t seen a thumb writer or thought about how powerful a magic tool they can be you just need to watch this video. This video illustrates how you can perform easy mentalism tricks and stun people. The video doesn’t even show the magic trick being performed it just has the explanation to a trick you haven’t seen and frankly you don’t need to. Get yourself a thumb writer from amazon and blow some minds.

Ten of Hearts

I really like this card trick its ingenious you need to pair up the cards. But its done in such a way that it doesnt look rigged at all especially not to a casual member of the public. Its a good easy card trick to perform. Check it out.

Elephants Never Forget

This is a pretty good easy mentalism trick from Julian’s Magician School. It’s so very simple once he shows you how it’s done and like most really good tricks the theatrics of getting lots of people involved and him building and asking an elephant really throws you off the scent of how simple the trick is and fills in the dead time.

Mentalism Card Trick

Orson Welles being psychic

As a little bonus i really wanted to put this video of Orson Welles telling his tale on how he was psychic for the day. It really does go to prove that cold reading is just a matter of practice.

If you have enjoyed these tricks then please like this page also if you want to know how to be a mentalist follow the link and read our article on the best way to become a competent mentalist.