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9 psychological tricks

Mentalism is different from normal types of magic. It’s still delivers the feet of doing something that you don’t really think is possible but other slight twist diet. Mentalism is psychological base magic or mental magic. If you want progress in the Lord mentalism you should really start is trying understand human behaviour and human psychology. These are some cool little facts about human behaviour and what they can mean. When you think that this can help an incredible amount when it comes to understanding people and developing new acts a lot of these are based on observation and should start implementing them as soon as possible.

An interesting human response to laughter is that if you’re in a group of people after breaks out is very common to look at the person you have the strongest relationship with first. This will help you keep no of who’s got the strongest group friendships or who is sleeping with whom.

1. A persons name is sweetest sound they know. Make a habit of trying to remember people’s names when you first meet them. There are lots of memory mnemonic tricks you can use to try to remember people’s names. This is one the core principles of Dale Carnegies “how to Win friends and influence people”. If you remember someone’s name and use it they will immediately feel that they can trust you more and closer towards you.
2. When talking to somebody body language says a lot. If you want to improve your relationship then you should mirror the other person’s body language. To its subtly fully not notice on a subconscious level they will. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and Marin’s mum’s body language will make them feel comfortable.
3. As give the People’s help or asking favours as long as they’re not too big makes a subconscious belief that there are important to you and they have some value. This is also mentioned in a lot of relationship guides. That you want the other person to feel like they have some kind of importance asking for favours reinforces this.
4. If you’re in a situation where you know that conflict going to break out. For example if you know that you have a meeting coming up and your boss is going to have a go at you make an effort to sit closer to in don’t hide in the background. If you hide away from them than is can feel more distant and expresses anger more. If you decrease the proximity and sit right next to in this can feel a lot more personal and apology engage in a more reasonable manner.
5. Utilise the power of silence. It’s well known that sounds often wins battles. If someone gives you an answer that you don’t like you don’t necessarily after running straight away and start arguing. Silence often says more. In sales when a deal has been presented that is very tough for both sides they say that the first person to speak loses. Sometimes be found is the best approach.
6. When meeting someone new we on all that keeping eye contact is really important for also that if you overdo it can be quite creepy. A good way to get the right balance is trying to take note of their eye colour. You’re not going to use a any point in the future it’s just a very good way of looking at someone with the right amount of eye contact in a non-creepy way.
7. When it comes to memory retention people remember most clearly things that happen the start of the event and at the end of events things in the middle usually blur a little bit. You can use a magic acts if you want you can use the middle of the act is a distraction but it’s also useful in other aspects of life as well. If you have an interview for a job if you take the first slot on the last slot available this will also work to your benefit.
8. We on all of flattery can also help in social situations. Dale Carnegie talks about this and says that you shouldn’t actually flatter people it’s a little bit shallow and a lot of the time they can see right through it. Instead what should offer is sincere appreciation. The difference is that with sincere appreciation you know is something they do really well and you tell them so. With flattery is a bit more fake perhaps generic.
9. Repeat what you hear. Obviously this doesn’t mean repeat verbatim but if you paraphrase what person saying and repeated back to them it can show that you empathise with their point of view and there will be open to your suggestions a lot more. This can be applicable in all walks of life from friends and family to audience members and subject to magic tricks.


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