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How to remember peoples names

If you’re serious about performing mentalism you’ll have no doubt come across memory mnemonics and memory retention strategies. The thing with dedicating so much time to mentalism and understanding mental magic is that you want also discover potential nuances about human psychology. You are going to develop strategies to remember things if you want to perform some more difficult illusions. Derren Brown performed a task where he played nine chess grandmasters at the same time. He didn’t actually play a game of chess against each of them he used the mind mimic principle to play the game to chess which means you to remember each move each player did until you played the opposite side. He used memory mnemonics to do this. All the skills you learn using mentalism should be evaluated and seen which are appropriate to use outside of mentalism in real-life social situations.


One of the most important things you can do in social situations is remembering someone’s name. Dale Carnegie talks about it in how to Win friends and influence people which is one of the bestselling all-time books for anyone wanting to improve human relations (it doesn’t mention anything about extra-terrestrial relations). Dale Carnegie says a person’s name is the sweetest sound they know in the entire your language. Your friends know your name and when you hear it, it applies specifically to you if someone knows your name it means your of importance to them. If you can remember someone’s name they automatically trust you more and feel extra warmth towards you. You should use your mentalism skills especially those of memory mnemonics to try to remember people’s names this is how you should do it.

Use mnemonics to remember people’s names

memory mnemonics is simply remembering using the Association. Trying to remember arbitrary words is incredibly difficult should always try and associate things to remember them. If I meeting somebody new and I hear the name there are a few things I can do so increase my chances of remembering it without using pneumonic’s this point. The first thing do is try to pay attention monetise your name. This is most people’s major downfall when they have an introduction instead of paying attention to the other person’s name is simply wait until they can introduce themselves. Changes attitude and make sure when a person says their name your receptive towards it and you try and remember. In Dale Carney give book he talks about someone who immediately after meeting someone used to write down their name in a book obviously this was done out of sight. Just writing down their name and visualising extra second will increase your chances of remembering it. Obviously you don’t need to do this but it can work and that’s the first tip is to take extra effort trying to remember people’s names. Secondly don’t be afraid to ask them again especially if it’s the first time you’ve heard the name. If someone introduce himself and you don’t hear the name clearly just asked them to say again. If it’s an unusual name you can force them to spell it just depending on the social situation. Obviously all these remembering techniques are just far social situations you can work them into your acts. Remembering people’s names when you performing mentalism tricks also helps the audience magician connection.

Using a mnemonics remember someone’s name is the best way to increase your chances of remembering it. You should try and associate someone’s name with a picture. So for example if their surname with Jackson you could think of something like Michael Jackson and just try and associate that with them. If there’s anything similar between them Michael Jackson even if they can dance like Michael Jackson or you convince yourself about that about them you can make the Association annual remember. Names of direct meanings are easier to remember. Names that you Make a direct connection far such as Goodwin you can modify slightly. If I met somebody called Goodwin in a restaurant I would possibly slightly alter their name to goodwing and then associate eating a good chicken wing with them at the restaurant. ;0 some of the far-fetched and crazy associations are easier to remember.

The other thing I do if I meet someone for example if the name is John I would think of other people I’ve met called John and trying to think of a way to associate them with that. For example if I met a man called John and it was a plumber and I another friend car John he was a plumber try remember them through the Association. You should also what facial features of the zenith in predominance about their face we can associate the name with the says even if it’s a weak association will definitely help you remember.

As Dale Carney the mentioned that remembering someone’s name and send it back to them is one of the sweetest sound they will ever hear. It is also whining with this getting someone’s name wrong is also a major to do. Getting someone else’s name wrong can have the exact opposite effect so it’s a little bit of a risk if you want to jump in their when you’re unfamiliar and say somebody’s name if you get it right will once you if you get it wrong can be the start of a bad foundation. It wasn’t too long ago on the English apprentice that one of the candidates was trying to have a bit of rapport with someone you want to sell hot tubs. He said this name wrong three times in didn’t get the gig. The other team won and when asked why the salesperson said it is because you got my name wrong three times. Don’t let people’s names wrong and really make the effort to remember someone’s name.


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