Author: Mark

Mentalism the magic Lemon Trick

Okay a quick disclaimer about this mentalism trick in my opinion its rather lame but it is also incredibly easy to do if you have access to lemons and you can win a few bets with this. You simply predict the number of sections in a lemon before it is cut open and you should always get it right. Here is the trick

David blaine mind reading

Typically I’m not a huge David Blaine fan. I know it’s important to create a persona to sell the act and he has gone for the slightly crazy type of charter. Which can definitional work for mentalism but the majority of his acts aren’t mentalism he mostly partakes in street magic which i don’t have a problem with at all. I just don’t feel that he is on the same level as Derren brown and puts too much emphasis on the weirdness of himself. As if he is trying to sell himself as actually having mind reading capabilities instead of being transparent like Derren who admits its trickery, cold reading and the power of suggestion. Having said that David blane mind reading as you can see in the video below is done quite well and worth a watch.

Some people actually think that he is the reincarnation of the devil so i guess his character does work to help sell the act. If you are interested in mentalism and in particualar the illusion of mind reading make sure to check out our mind reading tricks revealed page.

Derren Brown Retort To Twitter Homophobe

Derren brown the worlds greatest and best known mentalist has been open about his sexuality for sometime (He is gay). I believe it was first confirmed in an interview with Derren by the independent in which he stated he was Gay. But this has apparently escaped one of his loyal twitter followers up until now.

One of his twitter followers “HossamAlyyy” recently came to the revelation that Derren is gay and released a flurry of insults on Derrens twitter feed. He said that it made him feel “sick” and that he was “ashamed of him”

Mr Hossams tweets can be seen below.

derren brown tweet attack

I think after four unprovoked and extremely rude tweets attacking Derrens Sexuality he had enough and replied with a beautiful tweet of his own.

Excellent response.