5 free mind reading tutorials. Mind reading Tricks revealed

Mind reading is one of the fundamental skill sets of mentalism. You are going to have to have some experience with the illusion of mind reading if you want to learn mentalism tricks

How to read minds

The following are five examples of mentalism tricks tutorials which are simple to follow and will make people believe that you can actually read their minds.

How to read someones mind tutorial

Brian Bushwood from Scam School shows you a social engineering trick that he calls the triple threat in his mind reading tricks revealed video. It’s an open ended trick that you can play off as a mind reading trick or body language reading trick. He demonstrates the trick in a pub setting with Michael and John.

He explains exactly how it is done and like all mentalism tricks its extremely easy. Give them a choice of three items and only remember which isn’t in the middle. Thats most of the hard work right there. It’s a very simple neat trick that will have people wondering how it is done. Watch the video then try it with someone as soon as you can.

I love a lot of these tricks they are very simple and with practice they will help you understand how to be a mentalist

Mentalism tutorial magic tricks- the grey elephant

This is another really simple technique and the maths equation at the start isn’t too important and you will always end up at the same number. Personally this is where i think the trick can lose part of its illusion and its important that you try engage your audience and not give them the opportunity to think about the numbers and realise they will always end up with the same number. After that the remainder of the illusion depends on peoples common selection of animals beginning with the letter “E” and Countries beginning with the letter “D” in most circumstances people will pick “Elephant” and “Denmark” unless they are attempting to try and force another answer. Just make sure you tell them to pick their first answer and put them under a little pressure. Very simple but usually has a great outcome.

How to read minds tutorial Free mentalism Trick

Shaun showing you a quick effect with a pack of cards. This is a really quick and simple trick which is explained very concisely by shaun. Who gives you a few different options on how to perform the trick either a prediction trick or a mentalism mind reading trick. Watch the video and enjoy. This is part of mentalism card tricks revealed which will help you learn mentalism using card tricks.

Warp Peek Mentalism mind reading card trick

This kid shows awarp peek with a card trick and demonstrates it very well you might already be familiar with a warp peek but if not this is going to be very insightful. You basically have to have a look at the card by bending it before passing it to your mark. Watch it and see if you can notice him doing it before he explains it.

Mathematical Card Trick

This trick isn’t specifically a mind reading trick but can easily be played off as such. You need to have a good pharaoh shuffle to be able to pull it off though.

These mentalism mind reading tricks are free and you can definately find some use in them if you are new to mentalism or magic. A lot of them can be performed instantly after watching the video if you want to learn more mentalism tricks you can spend time on this site or watching youtube videos but i highly recommend you buy one of these books on mentalism