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Mentalism number trick | A simple mentalist trick

Okay just for something a little more light hearted and for the younger audience of the site. This maths trick is about as simple as it gets and its best used on kids if your looking for the more hardcore mentalism tutorials to learn how to learn mentalism.

think of a number

Tell a member of your audience or collectively your entire audience to pick and number they want but forewarn them that they will be some basic maths so they should probably keep it simple unless they have a calculator.

multiply by 2

Then tell them to multiply their number by 2


Next tell them to add 14 to their number.

divide2The next stage is to divide the number by 2 and the main reason you would want to keep the original number low


This step is the hardest to explain but again very easy.  Just ask them to take the number they now have away from their original.

number is 7

The number they now have if they followed all the stages correctly should be 7. The number you add, 14 in this case can be changed depending on your audience whatever this number is divide it by 2 and you have your final answer so if you are using it with really young kids then pick 10 as its easier to work with. Add a larger number if you want to make it a bit more difficult and less obvious to what you are doing. Whilst this is an incredibly simple trick and ideal for children its very basic and obviously isn’t that impressive for many adults but its still a good starter trip if you haven’t performed any magic before. If you want more easy mentalism tricks then this is a great place to start it has some great mentalist tutorials.

You can continue the trick by before asking what number they have to tell them to pick the corresponding letter to that numebr (1 = a, 2 = 3) so they have “G” think of a question where their is only one popular or obvious answer that begins with the letter “G”. For example a sport beginning with “G” they will more than likely pick golf. ask them to think of a sport beginning with G and then deliver the answer in a way you find appropriate for your type of performance. i would use the approach of “I never had you down as a golfer”.


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